School Groups Registration 2019
Art Basel welcomes school groups of K – 12 students. Advance registration of school groups is compulsory. Please complete and submit the following registration form to Art Basel on or before March 20.

Groups must comprise a minimum of 6 paying visitors and a maximum of 18 persons (15 students, three chaperones/teachers).

Your application will be reviewed by Art Basel before approval of the reduced group-entry ticket price of HKD 150/person.

Once approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you, along with information on how to order your tickets, and other details.

Please note that unused tickets are not refundable.

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Mobile Contact Number *

Name of the School *

School Grade *

Email *

(Please enter a valid email address. A confirmation email will be sent to this address, along with any correspondence related to our show.)

Number of group members including chaperons and/or teachers *

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